We are big fans of open source software and think it's important (and fun!) to contribute. Here's some of the software we've worked on in the past, and some we're working on still.

  • Crack Programming Language

  • Crack aims to provide the ease of development of a scripting language with the performance of a compiled language. The language derives concepts from C++, Java and Python, incorporating object-oriented programming, operator overloading and strong typing.

  • efind

  • A front end to the unix find program, it parses english language descriptions of files to search for.

  • Crack mongoDB Driver

  • A mongoDB database driver for the crack programming language.

  • Roadsend PHP

  • An independent implementation of and native compiler for the PHP programming language. It can compile PHP programs to native executables.

  • Roadsend PHP (Raven)

  • A rewrite of the Roadsend PHP implementation in C++, using LLVM. Although unfinished, it includes a static analysis framework.

  • Roadsend SiteManager

  • An open source PHP web application framework, first released in 2001.

    You can find other software at GitHub.